Why this mom believes she knows the key to 'disconnecting' from screens

It can be a challenge to keep young kids busy and engaged, and no one knows that better than Ginger Parrish. The social media influencer and entrepreneur is mom to three boys — Jonah, 8, Rigg, 6, and Jack, 3 — and she says getting them outdoors is key.

“Getting outside keeps us from going insane,” Parrish, who has 232,000 followers on Instagram, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We’ve found a lot of peace outside.”

Parrish and her husband Jon are both busy entrepreneurs and she says it’s important to them to keep all of their attention on their kids when they go outside together as a family. “It really helps us to stay tuned into the goal we have as a family in teaching our children to be present and active, physically and mentally,” she says.

Parrish says she’s hoping indulging in messes helps her children enjoy the outdoors that much more. “Encouraging them to get outside and get messy keeps them enjoying the time they have away from the screens and tablets,” she says.