Under Armour’s popular breathable fabric mask is finally back in stock

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While face masks have become the new normal, wearing one can be hard to adjust to if you have an active lifestyle. The combination of heat, sweat and a face covering isn’t the most comfortable when you’re on a run. That’s one reason why shoppers have turned to Under Armour.

After being sold out for weeks, Under Armour’s Sportsmask is back and available for pre-order. It’s specifically designed with athletes in mind, so if you’re looking to break a sweat and still follow CDC guidelines, this could be for you.

Part of what makes the mask unique is its multi-layered design. The three layers are meant to provide better breathability while exercising.

Shop: Under Armour Sportsmask, $3

Credit: Under Armour

The innermost layer is cool to the touch and lined with anti-microbial treatment to help keep the mask fresh during your workouts. The middle layer is made with open-cell foam, a material that allows for better air flow passage and helps keep moisture out of your face. This is especially important since a face mask can often “create a warm and humid microclimate around your face,” according to Dr. Grant Lipman, a clinical professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University.

Lastly, the outer layer is water-resistant and structured in a way to help keep the mask off your nose and mouth.

As a bonus, the face-covering is washable and comes with its own anti-microbial carrying pouch so you can store it safely after your exercise. Currently, the mask is available for pre-order in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large.

While many reviewers took issue with the design of the ear straps, multiple shoppers pointed out how comfortable and roomy the product was overall.

“I’ve been having a hard time wearing masks through this pandemic almost passing out in grocery stores and wearing one in the sun is even worse,” one reviewer wrote. “This is the first one I’ve found that I don’t feel like a pillowcase is being held over my face trying to kill me. My nose and mouth have plenty of room and I don’t take it off with a puddle of sweat on my face.”

Another reviewer echoed a similar sentiment while adding that the mask also helped them communicate clearer.

“The fact that the mask doesn’t rest directly on my mouth/nose area is a big plus,” they explained. “One added benefit that I didn’t really consider is that talking while wearing it is much easier as well. You don’t get that muffled voice effect while speaking.”

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