Couple’s 'scary' restaurant behavior sparks backlash: 'Do people not understand science'

Kelsey Weekman

Itching to get to a restaurant amid the pandemic? Here’s one way not to do it.

An eagle-eyed TikTok user was dining out when he spotted two people eating and drinking while wearing masks — literally, without taking their masks off.

The masks have holes cut in them over the mouth area, which some commenters said made the pair look like “muppets.”

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The TikToker and at least one friend giggled to themselves as they filmed the pair eating — and the video cut off abruptly when one of the patrons made eye contact with the person behind the camera.

Let’s unpack the mask etiquette here.

The CDC recommends wearing masks “in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household,” but masks have to be worn “over the nose and mouth” to be effective. Wearing a mask with a big hole in it renders it fairly useless.

It’s clear they wanted to be as safe as possible given the situation, but there’s not much one can do in a restaurant besides make sure you’re maintaining a safe social distance of 6 feet apart from other patrons while unmasked — or maybe consider getting takeout?

Regardless of their intentions, many commenters were shocked by the unusual tactic.

“Do people not understand science behind wearing a mask,” one user said.

“WHY IS IT SCARY,” another wrote.

Others implied the TikToker who filmed and uploaded the TikTok was being too harsh.

“This is why I’m too scared to go out in public. I don’t wanna be made fun of or recorded for wearing a respirator when I’m high risk,” one user wrote.

“The real joke is that u aren’t wearing a mask,” another said.

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