These 8 Jewelry Trends Are Out, According to Designers

Lauren Eggertsen

In order to welcome something new into your closet, you often have to say goodbye to something else. This is an easy sentiment to remember when it comes to clothing, but as far as jewelry is concerned, we often turn a blind eye. Since your jewelry (no matter how you store it) takes up significantly less space than a coat or a pair of jeans, the buildup of excess and outdated pieces can easily go unnoticed. Spring-cleaning involves all areas of your wardrobe, including jewelry—fine, costume, and everything in between. 

Here to help us decide what to clean out and what to keep from our jewelry drawers this season are a handful of the industry's most well-respected jewelry designers. Their quotes are strictly from an industry standpoint—what they have been seeing in the market and what their customers have been spending on. That being said, we are also huge proponents of relying on yourself to decide what is worth keeping in your closet and what isn't. Our hope for this story is to simply give you an outsider's opinion, which you can take or leave. Style is individual and very personal, so if you wear all of the jewelry trends they said are "out," more power to you. 

Ahead, find out what they have to say about the outdated jewelry trends, in addition to the spring jewelry trends to consider replacing them with. From turquoise to colored gemstone baguettes, we have a feeling you'll be head over heels in love with all the jewelry trends ahead. 

Susan Alexandra

Out: Bib Necklaces
"Heavy bib necklaces feel a bit stifling and restrictive."

In: Statement Hoops
"Fab hoops in all shapes and colors (DUH) and lots of special, personal layered necklaces. I let mine co-mingle and entangle for the ultimate insouciant effect." 

Susan Alexandra Merry Hoops ($85)

Simon Miller Echo Hoops ($80)

Eliou Kavala Rainbow Earrings ($185)

Justine Lançon, creative director of Mejuri

Out: Fabric Chokers
"We're trading in the '90s for the '70s: Think masculine-inspired signets, medallions, and hoops."

In: Personalization
"We're all about celebrating our milestones—big or small! With personalized jewelry, whether it’s an engraving or a specific, meaningful stone, your jewelry can signify more than just a trend."

Mejuri Curb ID Bracelet ($240)

Kendra Scott Elisa Birthstone Pendant Necklace ($50)

Mejuri Mini Signet Ring ($170)

Colette Steckel, founder and designer of Colette Jewelry 

Out: Blackened Metals
"I think we're going to see a bit of a pause in the use of blackened metals. While I love (and will continue) using rhodium to add a bit of edge, I'm seeing a movement toward brighter hues."

In: Turquoise
"I think one trend that is definitely 'in' this spring/summer is turquoise. While the stone has always been popular in fine jewelry, I'm seeing it interpreted in so many creative ways this season. Turquoise lights you up from within, and I love pairing it with emeralds and diamonds." 

Rachel Comey Cirque Earrings ($225)

Colette Star Signet Turquoise Ring ($1620)

Oscar De La Renta Short Octagon Earrings ($290)

Octavia Zamagias, founder and designer of Octavia Elizabeth Jewelry

Out: Huggies
“I get it—every woman loves a huggie hoop, but honestly I'm over it. Sure it's the kind of thing you can put in and forget about, but especially for the ladies with multiple ear piercings, I am really encouraging my shoppers to wear more of a statement—at the very least in their first hole."

In: Substantial Earrings
"Substantial earrings are in. Huggies are out. Jazz up that white tee and jeans with a gorgeous and rich pair of earrings like our Whimsy. The bonus on this pair of earrings is that you can swap in and out the attachment and basically get two pairs of earrings for one. A gold hoop and a statement earring."

Octavia Elizabeth Gabby 18K Gold Diamond Earrings ($3500)

Theia Jewelry Piper Drop Earrings ($64)

Lele Sadoughi Caterpillar Earrings ($150)

Ashley Zhang

Out: Overly Simple Pieces
“One trend that is out is jewelry that is too delicate or simple; customers are getting bored of seeing the same jewelry designs everywhere."

In: Unique Designs on Everyday Pieces
"We are seeing a trend in jewelry that has unique design ideas, like special-cut diamonds or extra-decorative elements like engraving or milgrain. Jewelry like this can still be simple but not boring, and you won’t run into another girl on the subway wearing the same thing as you!"

Ashley Zhang Single Fringe Necklace ($1475)

Cartier Clash de Cartier Ring Diamonds ($8500)

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Earrings ($6950)

Leehe Segal, founder of Bleecker & Prince

Out: Ear-Crawlers
"I would say everyone is over the ear-crawlers."

In: Colorful Hoops
"Earrings are defiantly having a moment, and colorful funky hoops are everyone's go-to summer earrings!"

Loren Stewart 14k Mini Stone Hoop Earrings ($294)

Bleeker and Prince Carnelian Facet Hoops ($1350)

Alison Lou Medium Jelly Hoop Earrings ($145)

Roxanne Assoulin

Out: Oversize Jewelry
"Any heavy oversize jewelry that feels contrived."

In: Mix & Match Pieces
"Smaller, user-friendly pieces that you can mix and match, stack and share, and make your own."

Roxanne Assoulin Classic Sport Set of Three Enamel and Gold-Tone Bracelets ($225)

Soko Mixed Material Stacked Rings ($98)

Aurelie Bidermann Positano Bracelet ($205)

Zoë Chicco

Out: '90s Chokers
"While I’m embracing so many of the trends from the ‘90’s these days (think slip dresses, fanny packs, and scrunchies), I'm definitely over the fabric and leather chokers—I think that moment has passed… again."

In: Chains & Charms
"Instead, layer up with chains and charms! Charms are the perfect way to express yourself and tend to hold a lot of personal significance. You can tell your own story based on the symbols, gemstones, initials, and personalization you choose for each piece. Add them to classic cable, wide-link, or heavier curb chain and go to town—the more the merrier. The idea here is a bespoke, somewhat messy, eclectic mix. This summer, more is more!"

Zoe Chicco 14k Gold Small Padlock Necklace ($1995)

Zoe Chicco 14k Gold Small Curb Chain Ring ($500)

Laura Lombardi Calle Gold-Plated Necklace ($195)

Andrea Fohrman

Out: Bib Necklaces
"While I'm sure they'll come back as most trends do, right now I'm over the bib necklace in favor of something more delicate."

In: Something Personal
"These days I love personal jewelry, which I think is always in style, especially a piece that can be personalized in a way that feels unique to the wearer. Every day I wear one of our moon phase necklaces that have charms representing the phase of the moon from special events in mine and my family’s lives."

Andrea Fohrman Custom Diamond Initials Pendant ($7000)

Maya Brenner 14K Yellow Gold Monogram Post Earring ($98)

Sarah Chloe Elle Square Initial Bracelet ($139)

Jade Trau

Out: Front-to-Back Ear Jacket
"I'd say the trend that's officially out is the front and back ear jacket… or maybe I'm just wishing it is because the back of the ear is for kissing, not for baubles." 

In: Tiny Ear Piercings
"In for spring/summer: lots of tiny earrings. The piercing trend is not going anywhere. These are my favorites right now that I can't keep in stock."

Jade Trau Small Kismet Hoops ($2350)

Adina's Jewels Double Imitation Pearl Huggie Earrings ($35)

Charlotte Chesnais Inner Naho Earrings ($495)

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