Bella Hadid Flipped Off NYPD Police Officers and Called Them "Goofy" for Not Wearing Masks

Starr Bowenbank
·2 mins read

From Cosmopolitan

  • Bella Hadid took to Instagram to call out NYPD cops for not wearing masks.

  • The police failed to socially distance, which is against New York's health guidelines.

Wear a mask, social distance by standing six feet apart from one another, stay home if possible—all things that have been burned into our brains by now amid the coronavirus pandemic. But if the steadily rising COVID-19 cases across the country are any indicator, some people still have a hard time with this for some reason...and this includes some police officers. Thankfully, we have Bella Hadid to put these guys on blast.

Yesterday, Bella was strolling the streets of New York City when she came across a group of cops who were *not* socially distancing. So naturally, she shamed them for failing to wear masks while on duty. "U look goofy," she wrote in an Instagram Stories post. "Hi @nypd masks are for all of our safety, not just urs...:)" Zero lies were told.

The official website of the city of New York clearly states people are required to "wear a face covering when outside their home if unable to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others."

Though Bella is back in the city for work right now, she's spent the last few months quarantining at her mom Yolanda Hadid's farm in Pennsylvania. “I’m really eager to get back to work and make art again,” she told Elle recently. “Moving into the next season, I hope we can find a proactive way to move forward in a safe, healthy way.”

Glad to hear safety is at the top of Bella's mind as she starts going to work more regularly! If only we could say the same about her other model friends...

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